“As someone who have been involved in capacity building activities across Africa over the last 16 years, I have to say I was totally impressed by the LEAD programme.  It is a very practical and proven initiative for building the next generation of African leaders in sustainable development.”

“The impact of the LEAD program in capacity building was demonstrated by the high caliber fellows who came to speak at the PAS. There is no better way to motivate and inspire the associate fellows than showing them real life examples of people whose lives were transformed forever by the program.”

“Bringing together young leaders from Francophone and Anglophone Africa makes LEAD a truly Pan African initiative leading the way in fostering networking and knowledge sharing by bridging the continent’s linguistic barriers.”

Eliya Msiyaphazi Zulu, PhD., Executive Director, African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP), Associate Director of Development Policy, Venture Strategies for Health and Development


Let me start off by saying that I wish 90 % of the working population in this country were LEAD Fellows. We never realize how vulnerable we all are until we get a collective perspective of Climate Change impacts from an International conference like the LEAD Pan African Session. The session brought to light the huge role that governance plays in these efforts, lessons learnt and plans for the future. Our struggle for a greener sustainable world may be far off, but every step is a process that will surely get us there and the LEAD program has taught me that. These steps do not only end with us as the new addition to the global LEAD fellows, but we are bound to make an imprint in our workplaces, communities and societies that will get us a thousand steps ahead in our strive for an environmentally sustainable Malawi.

Ellen Tamanda Chabvuta – Malawi, LEAD SEA – Cohort 17


 The PAS conference was an exciting time in my life with great focus on climate change realities in Africa: from Malawi to Senegal and elsewhere. I very much appreciate the quality of the presentations which were done all in due time! “Populations and climate” change has been discussed deeply and thereby let us share usual realities about climate change.

The visit of Lake Malawi was the point that we all discovered what we learned at the conference!

Let me also say that the lead fellowship programme gives me deep consciousness of my self, helping me to wake my potential in leadership and now I feel less problem managing persons older than me without getting trouble. At the very least, I now take more care about sustainability in my environment.

Please keep going with this important programme.

Touré Kader – Senegal, LEAD Senegambia – Cohort 17



For me, LEAD Africa Fellowship Program is a very exciting experience. I have this same good memory of the program from both national sessions to Pan-African Session in Lilongwe. My way of facing problem is not the same from the beginning to the end of my participation in this Program. I know more about environmental issues like climate change and how to contribute with actions, even at the local level. I thank LEAD Chad because of the dedication of its members to provide us such a useful training.

Eric Topona Mocnga – Chad, LEAD Chad – Cohort 17


 First of all, I am so proud of Lead Africa Fellowship Programme. It is a wise and so useful initiative that has been taken by LAFP to train the African youth. Therefore, during the training, I have learned much and understood some very important aspects of Climate Change and Climate Compatible Development for Africa. It was also a great opportunity to meet and exchange with people from various countries, which has already sets up a wrong network to discuss issues related to sustainable development of Africa. I cannot end without expressing my special thanks to the coordination team of Lead Chad. This team has done remarkable activities for the success of both national and Pan African Sessions.

Adoum Issa – Chad, LEAD Chad – Cohort 17


This Training Programme delivering to young African leaders during three sessions, at national Pan-African level, is a very important Programme. I am proud to participate in such training because I received tools that allow me to be an effective agent of change in my community. LEAD Africa Fellowship Programme is an opportunity for me to perform my understanding of sustainable development and to learn more how to well act for it. I acknowledge LEAD Africa Fellowship Programme through LEAD Chad that facilitated my participation in this training. I intend to build actions to contribute in supporting sustainable development in my community and my country thereby.

Telly Walawala, LEAD Chad – Cohort 17


The training on leadership skills and sustainable development issues that I received through the two national sessions and Pan-African session of LEAD Africa Fellowship Programme is a very useful because it allowed me to be an eco-citizen. As a Fellow, I intend to contribute in training community-based organizations engaged in development projects related to climate change adaptation. I thank   LEAD Chad, LEAD Francophone Africa and LEAD Southern and Eastern Africa because of their rich contributions to my training. This training is so interesting that I resolve to raise now young professionals and academics to sign up for the cohort 18, Insha’Allah!

Ngabo Ganda – Chad, LEAD Chad – Cohort 17


I had the real pleasure to participate in LEAD national and Pan-African sessions, for me they were a big opportunity and a big experience in my life. In contrast to academics studies, this training allowed me to discuss around a table some of African continent’s problems. Some of those problems are climate change and good governance in our various countries. For me, LEAD Africa Fellowship Programme is the kind of training that all African youth needs. LEAD Pan-African session permits to young African to meet and discuss on challenges that face our dear continent and to look for adequate solutions. I Thank LEAD Tchad, LEAD Africa and their partners for this opportunity that they offered to me and some other young Chadians this year.

Djikoloum Djerabé Doumgoto – Chad,  LEAD Chad – Cohort 17




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