Programme for LEAD Pan African Session

The LEAD Pan African Session included five subtopics:

1. Population Dynamics and Climate Change Adaptation
2. Climate Change Policy and Governance
3. Climate Change Communication and Advocacy
4. Financing and Investment for Climate Change
5. Climate Compatible Development
In addition to the courses held, a number of side events added opportunities for networking and flavour to the Pan African Session:
1. Panel discussions
• Panel Discussion on leadership
• Panel Discussion on Gender and Climate Change
(Expert Presentation)

2. Networking/Eco- Fair – The graduating Fellows had an open space to present their Leadership Action Projects that they have worked on in small groups over the past months. Also exhibitions were invited from individuals and organizations in Malawi to showcase approaches to climate change that integrate adaptation and nationally appropriate mitigation into relevant social, economic and environmental policies and actions. The displays would build on the planning towards COP 18.

LEAD Site visit to Addo Elephant Park in South Africa (2010)

LEAD Site visit to Addo Elephant Park in South Africa (2010)

3. Site Visits
Learning was not only conference room based but also included site visits where participants got a chance to appreciate issues related to climate and population nexus developmental challenges as well as innovative responses. Malawi’s economy, like the economies of most developing countries in Africa, is dependent on climate-sensitive natural resources, high poverty incidences and coupled with low adaptive capacity. Given the high dependence to environmental and natural resources, economic growth and the livelihoods of both urban and rural populations are highly vulnerable to climate variability and change.

Download the full programme  LEAD PAS Programme (Detailed) FINAL (1)


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