Day 1

Keynote Address by Clive Mutunga, Population Action International

Pop dynamics CC and SD in Africa_ Putting women at the center_Clive Mutunga

What is LEAD? By Prof. Sosten Chiotha, LEAD SEA

What is LEAD PAS_Sosten Chiotha

Case studies funded by CDKN

Nigeria Case Study_Maureen Akintayo

Senegal Case Study_Moussa Mbaye

Tanzania Case Study_Shiv Tripathi

South Africa Case study_Tichaona Pesanayi

Lake Chilwa Recession parallels with Lake Chad _Sosten Chiotha

Zimbabwe Case study_Tom Chuma

Day 2

Urbanisation and Climate Change_John Chome

Migration and Slums_Lessons from across Africa _Happy Makala

Rural_Urban interdependence and CC lessons from Lilongwe_Catherine Kulemeka

Population and Climate Change Lessons for Africa- Andre Pelser

Policy landscape pop dynamics and CC in Africa_Eliya Zulu

Agentifying the Commodified, disposable beasts of burden _gender transformative climate change strategies _Jessie Kabwila


Population climate change and development _Any role for media _Hamilton Chimala

Fostering development in the wake of climate change-Bright Sibale

Day 3

Site visits

Day 4

Population reprod health and intl adaptation finance_Clive Mutunga

Financing of Climate Change Sothini Nyirenda

CDKN_Climate Compatible Development-Jo McDonnell Lisa McNamara

CDKN Rwanda Case Study _Jo McDonnell


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