Case Studies

The LEAD Assosciates would be taken on a learning journey that includes site visits, classroom sessions, group projects, case study analyses and a cross cultural experience during the LEAD training.

CDKN has supported development of case studies and we have received case studies from Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Senegal.

The case studies report on the status of Population Dynamics and Climate Change in a given country and shows the impact of population growth on the environment. It also shows how populations are adapting to climate change within their communities.

The case studies highlight the following:

  • Understanding of the inter-connection/interdependence between Population and Environment/Climate
  • Understanding the policies and governance around population and climate change – by reviewing existing policies, with a view to understanding the cross cutting nature of population growth and the environment
  • Establishing the degree and demand for energy and other natural resources within the country and the associated challenges.
  • Establishing the current status of climate change communications, education and advocacy within each country and the role of the different stakeholders
  • Understanding the various strategies that are in place to promote Climate Compactable Development
  • Establishing the level of Financing and Investments for Climate Change within the country
  • Ascertaining expectations of the various stakeholders on the roles of government and regulatory agencies.

1. NIGERIA CASE STUDY Download Nigeria Case study

2. TANZANIA CASE STUDY tanzania case study

3. SOUTH AFRICA CASE STUDYSouth Africa case study

4. ZIMBABWE CASE STUDYzimbabwe case study




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